Experienced Team

Matias Consulting Group (M.C.G.) is managed by Gregorio Matias Alonso, who is also the founder and main owner of the Company.

Gregorio MatiasGregorio Matias has more than 15 years’ experience in Professional Systems, Networks & Security matters. He is a recognized expert in these fields and provides frequently lectures to share his views on new technologies linking them to strategic and practical business needs.

Based on his education (Master in Economics) and on many appointments, he also has a huge experience in “IT Management”.

He is also member of many professional associations acting for some of them as “adviser” or “board member”.

You can contact him at :

Grégorio Matias, Managing Partner & Consultant

  • g.matias@mcg.be
  • +32 10 450 995

MCG can also rely on an experienced and highly educated team to deliver our services :

Abdeltif Kamil, Training Delivery Manager 

  • a.kamil@mcg.be

Dimitri Girboux, Service Delivery Manager 

  • d.girboux@mcg.be

Christine Warin, Management Assistant 

  • c.warin@mcg.be

Freddy Eputa, Account Manager 

  • f.eputa@mcg.be
Long Term Approach
Long Term Approach is the “partnership” DNA