Implementation & Deployment

Giving you control of your Internet Content traffic !

All organisations are facing issues about Internet Content. Our security solutions give you complete control about the Internet usage of your users, securing them from the dark side.

Internet Content Security (Web & Mail Security)

Your users are using multiple Internet application services to communicate either for business or for their private life. E-mail, internet browsing, social networking, P2P networks, …

We provide you solutions to secure such a broad range of Internet application usages !

The granularity of our solutions can go so deep that you can even allow a particular usage of a given application (i.e. users can access Facebook but they cannot use all of the services provided by this Social Network).

Our solutions have the ability to strike a balance, thus more easily integrating Y Generation !

Data Loss Prevention, PCI-DSS Compliancy, … these are some examples of the integrated solutions we provide thanks to top-class security Manufacturers like Cisco Ironport, Juniper, Symantec, …

Innovation as a continuous challenge