Implementation & Deployment

Making Microsoft Systems up-to-date & Working !

Microsoft OS has a market share of around 60% for Servers and 90-95 % for clients. Microsoft Enterprise Messaging represents around 50% of all Companies.

Nearly all organisations are using Microsoft OS or Professional Application (Exchange, SQL, …).

We help you to deploy these Microsoft Solutions inside your Infrastructure.

Microsoft System Engineering

More and more Microsoft Systems/Applications are in charge of Critical missions inside your organisation. Starting from Authentication, Resource Access Control, … and extending to Internal/External messaging & collaboration.

We are talking about Windows Server, Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Small Business Server, … all commonly used for your business.

We help you to deploy these solutions inside your infrastructures ranging from SMEs to Large Enterprises, from single location to multi-site organisations.

Our expertise (Microsoft Certification & Partnership) and our broad experience are the best guarantee for a successful Microsoft deployment project !

Innovation as a continuous challenge