Implementation & Deployment

We provide you the ability to be sure who’s accessing resources !

Fundamental security principles stay that authentication must be compulsory and secure. No secure authentication means no security at all.

Our security solutions give you precise & flexible control over the authentications activities.

Strong Authentication Security

Tell me who you are & I will let you access the needed resources. This is a basic security principle to implement … the foundation of a secure approach.

We enable easy & secure authentication … like the security provided for at your cashier’s !

We provide you solutions to protect your stolen laptops preventing outsiders from accessing HD content. We Secure your mobile devices for accessing internal resources.

BYOD isn’t a dream … it’s our reality !

Since the beginning MCG has been using internally all secure authentication solutions from the top class Manufacturers like Vasco, Microsoft, RSA, …

We have already done internally what we recommend our customers to deploy …

Come and see how we can secure your authentication !

Innovation as a continuous challenge