Implementation & Deployment

Virtualisation for Flexibility, Consolidation & High Availability !

Do your Systems need consolidation ?

Do you need to provision Servers in less than 1 hour for a “business class” application ?

Our properly-deployed Virtualisation projects will address your needs.


Virtualisation Projects are quite complex, even if they seems easy to deploy. This is why, after a “fashion period” we had to rationalise many networks where Virtualisation has been poorly implemented (by our competitors) leading to dramatically low performance for critical Infrastructures & Systems.

The starting point of a Virtualisation project is : defining precisely what the objective of Virtualisation is intended to be !

To be able to deploy a “best-of-breed” Virtualisation project, you need to fully understand “Storage Networks” (SAN, NAS, FC, FCoE, iSCSI, …), Hardware Server Solutions (rackables, blades, …) and Security Challenges, but also the limits of Virtualisation taking into account Manufacturers’ best practices and feedback on experience.

Our competencies, certification & partnership in these areas will assure the success of your Virtualisation project.

Teamwork, because together we are stronger