Infrastructure Auditing & Design

We design flexible, reliable & efficient Network & System solutions for your future.

Designing a network is a dynamic approach to how to assemble all the pieces of the “infrastructure puzzle” and assure the greatest flexibility for the future. So is Systems Design.

Knowing the limits and the evolution/revolution of technologies is an asset for a “flexible design” approach.

Network Architecture

Do we need an L2 or L3 switching network ?
Do we need a “Domain Controller” in all branches ?
What kind of backbone is best suited to our needs : chassis or stack approach ?
What kind of messaging fault tolerance matches our SLA ?

This is just a sampling of the technical questions you have to deal with. We know the right answers for your needs !

Our deep technical knowledge combined with our helicopter view and global approach are the best allies for helping you to answer these questions.

Long Term Approach
Long Term Approach is the “partnership” DNA