Infrastructure Auditing & Design

Transforming your IT Security into Strength.

No business can run without IT, so having reliable IT Infrastructures is not a “must” but a goal. We secure your business by securing your IT.

IT Security = 80% Organisation + 20% Tools.

Security Audit

We’ve all heard something like : “we aren’t a bank” … in our experiences this sentence has been used by SME Managers but also by Larger Companies.
In other words : only banks are supposed to be at risk.

Unfortunately, many security reports say that all sectors are targeted (even non-profit organisations) and that the number of attacks is proportionally higher for SMEs than for Big Companies.

Our IT Security Audit will transform your nightmares into Dreams !

What is IT Security ?
Nothing other than “risk management”. This is indeed what we address through our analysis.

Asking for your security check-up means getting benefits from understanding your exposure and the available solutions that will let the sun shine through the clouds.

Humility - never forgetting who we are and where we come from