Training, Support & Maintenance

We provide you a complete set of Support Services for your ease of mind !

Keeping your systems up to date from a security point of view (i.e. security patching), keeping them running for better uptimes, helping you when time is short … this our total support approach for helping you to run your business !

Maintenance & Support Services

Our high level of technical knowledge, our flexible internal organisation and our experience allow us to conclude SLAs dreamed of by many of our competitors.

With our own maintenance & support approach, you can entrust your key infrastructure to us with complete confidence.

All of our support services are built upon the “best practices” in the industry such as ITIL, ISO, … Our tools keep track of every request and classify it for rapid response (incident, change request, …). You can even keep track of the evolution of your request remotely.

We apply the tools of the largest support centres adapted to our size and your needs.

Teamwork, because together we are stronger