Training, Support & Maintenance

Monitoring for Business as usual !

Monitoring means continuous checks & analysis of your applications, OS, network & security components, …

This will shorten the time required to fix a developing issue … sometimes even before it is noticed. We can call it : zero-day fixing !

Networks, Applications & Systems Monitoring Services

More and more infrastructures are mission-critical for large organisations and even for SMEs.
A downtime can cost a lot; in the worst case, it can even lead to bankruptcy.

Let us help you keeping your mission-critical IT components up and running !

We have a complete set of tools allowing us to conduct Network Monitoring (switches, routers, ..), Systems Monitoring (Windows Servers, …), Security Components Monitoring (Firewall, …) & Application Monitoring (Exchange, SQL, SMTP, VoIP, VMware, …).

We can even sometime go further by simulating users’ experience and doing “true performance” monitoring.

Innovation as a continuous challenge